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Actum Inferni

Hate Propaganda



At the end of the day I wake up to life
A Night without human feelings, without miserable love
World is embraced by darkness, which rubs my eyes
Becomes a bestial warrior of the darkness' forces

Deep in my heart there are anger and hate
The desire of bloody fighting till the end
In yours - there are fear and ptiy
You're afraid of looking right in the fireful eyes of death

We are the army of the Devil, host of the darkness' prince
Our ultimate purpose is the destruction of
Actors unworthy to exist

Tears on your face arouse my laugh
The body inhibited, wounded by rusty chain
Dagger in my hand heralds your end
In a wild fury, in an ecstasy I wade in the blood

War, blood, honor, death!

War, anger, absolute hate
The words from our mouth like blood-hungry thorns
Strikes into your heart with a mighty power of lightning
Propaganda of hate heralds imminent death

Teledysk Actum Inferni - Hate Propaganda