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Aborted Fetus

Bacterial Sperm Mutation



A rotting genital organ of zombie
Creeps as a worm
Into the bosom of dead swine
Shortening and stretching
Brings itself up to a blissful climax
Testicles tucked themselves
In with confusion and ejaculation follows
Sizzling sperm is splashing into the pig
Splitting the womb, burning stinking bowels
Transforming them into homogeneous mass
The penis is agonizing
And melts down in this bloody manure
Incomprehensible biological processes
Occur in the decomposing flesh
Under the skin of the creature
A mutation on the cell level
Generates a new organism
The mess is condensing
Forming a monstrous being
Triple rows of crooked teeth
It's tearing from within it's mother's womb
And clumsily falling out to the daylight
To present mankind with despair, pain and death