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Aborted Fetus

Cutting Memories



In a dark cellar the light shimmers
Illuminating only a small part of the moldy wall
It's enough for observation
Of one more mask of human ugliness
The rare collection in glass vessels is kept
There on wooden shelves
The male genitals are preserved in alcohol here
And they can please the eye of their mistress for years to come

For hours, sitting in the rocking chair
She is viewing these items she is proud
Of recollecting their owners and their agony

The amputated phalluses are all she has
Aesthetic delight and abstract visualization
That's all that she needs
And she sucks the penis that was cut off with pruning shears
She fancy the rest of the body using her sick imagination

You are still a little hungry child
Blinded by the first rays of the sun
Your lips search for mother's nipple
It's almost here...
It's almost here...

Necrophilic nymphomania
Addiction to incubuses of lust
Custodian of genitals
I admire your majestic emptiness
Your lovers will stay with you forever