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Aborted Fetus

Goresoaked Clinical Accident



Spring aggravation, depression due to the sexual condition
And here we observe a trivial victim of unrequited love
Exsiccation by ipsation, a whining note about the cruel world
Adolescent maximalism, pages of porno magazines stuck together
Evil sorrow!
The rifle, stolen from the grandpa - veteran
Has helped to reveal consciousness of the child for eternal values
Brains decorated the boiler room
Hissing on the heating pipes
His head was reminding blooming gladiolus
Freeway took the life of one more rejected schoolgirl
Grinding her unripe pimply torso
Against the emery of the road's blacktop
And the bumper of the garbage truck
Thorax burst under the wheel, spreading around
It's deplorable contents
Jumped down from the railway bridge
And sort circuited the high-voltage line
With his body young emo-boy
Numerous piercing perfectly transmitted electricity
All skin turned black and even the teeth
And passing fast train dragged for several hundreds