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Aborted Fetus

Handicraft Trepanation



The patient is hopelessly sick
Malignant tumor of the cerebellum
Coordination of movements is impaired
Spasms of the body, involuntary ejaculation
And convulsive defecation
Doctors are helpless, but euthanasia is prohibited
Humane democratic society
Chooses violence and cable TV
But a desperate man turns to desperate measures
The ancient folk medicine becomes handy
The blind shaman jumps around the hypnotized patient
Beats the tambourine and cries out the spells
But to have faith isn't enough
Physical intervention is necessary
The old crank brace is applied
It slowly perforates the cranium
Pieces of a scalp are wound up on the rusty curved drill
Handicraft trepanation, devourment of psilocybin
Drinking of firewater, crunch of the occipital bone
The bony hand takes ants from the pot
And shoves them into the drilled hole
Insects creep under the brainpan, bringing a terrible pain
Suffering is a way to healing