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Aborted Fetus

Hominal Repair



I was picking up the dismembered body
Piece by piece as a puzzle
Here is the soft head - it's bones are shattered
I extracted the brain, sucked it out with vacuum cleaner
And I thrust an air-balloon inside through the torn mouth
To preserve the form of the skull
The trunk was reminding a battlefield:
Multiple slash wounds, craters and blisters from burns
The broken ribs, when pressed a bit,
Were piercing the skin as toilet-paper
It was difficult to define, where front was, and where back
Rooted out limbs made this hard task even more complicated
I even don't know is it a man or a woman?
Sexual attributes are disfigured and depersonalized
As if they were intentionally plowed by a tractor
A pile of useless forcemeat with a proud name - the human being