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Aborted Fetus

Postmortal Menstrual Secrete



Make me shout out in pain
Bleeding piece of dead flesh
I don't bear your fetus inside me anymore
Aren't you feeling my uterine discharge?

Or you pretend that you don't notice
Clots of blood
Which crawl of of the livid vagina
As a tired chain of outcast orphans from the

Burned down boarding school?
Did you ever see the condition of total estrangement?
Did you know outlaws?

Eternal mourning, perpetual depression
What for did you to necropolis
And desecrated the chaste corpse?

Your sperm spurted in the void
Like fireworks on a Christmas night
Having illuminated for a second
The decadence of my existence
Eyes were open, the seed didn't bear fruit
The worms eat splinters of my broken heart

Make me shout out in pain
In the endless nightmarish pollution of oblivion
The tears of my memory were stinking
With repugnance for you