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Hater of Fucking Humans



Barren pride strikes lightening before my eyes.
Talons slice new born right between the thighs.
Dreams so vivid all else was forsaken.

Secrets birthed of magma
Venomous oath unfolds
Keys to my fucking kingdom, appear blood crusted gold.

Take the blade from where I set it aside.
Upon the steps of damnation, where no mercy resides
Chaotic forms provoke, swallowed by unhallowed fire.
See through the eyes of the beast, death that I desire.

Turn my face to the other side.
Face the blade that takes my life.
Suffered fools and broke their pride.

Did you taste the poison as my forked tongue move is
Magick as I lied.
As it dripped saliva sweet liek nectar, insects crawl
into your eyes.
Waiting, fascinated by the drawing parasites, watch them
bloat still captivated, for the blood they steal is mine!
I like to make things suffer, because it makes me feel alive.
I don't give a fuck what torment waits is in my stride.

Fuck this life your living. You cannot conquer me!
Because the blood in my heart and the blood in my veins
pumps fierce and fucking free.

Do we all dread reprisal?
With murderers do we lay?
That I have done I slayed your son and caste his skull away.

Drain the chalice from my altar.
Poisoned blood of prophecy.
Gut myself for the right to return.
Through oblivions lidless sleep.

I'll face my final calling, with a pentagram of swords.


Teledysk Adorior - Hater of Fucking Humans