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Kocham i nienawidze po polsku



Love me with all of your heart - my heart doesn't want more.
Come closer here and now, take my hands.
Let it be awesome, let's embrance this mess.
Feel safe and confident - love, I'm begging you.
I want to wake up beside you in the morning at six o'clock,
go to work wearing the taste of love on my mouth,
know that this is the life, not the stories from fairy-tales,
have certainty that it's not a dream, that we love each other,
that the most important is what's between us.
Words or dynamit won't destroy it.
I want to feel your smell when I go to bed
and worry about you when you're alone.
I want to miss you when we're apart.
Cuddle up to me, you won't freeze at the cold night.
I'll colse the window, then cuddle up more.
Baby, I love - P.S. you know, it's your duramen.

Once - I'll tell you a secret, hide it in you.
You know, I will be the happiest when I'm with you.
Second - I'll tell you something again in trust.
I love you with all of my heart, understand, you cad!
Third - you and me, it's us and the final end.
Fourth - take this heart forever.
It beats when it's beside you so hard and always
its rhythm like this beat, it's fivth and further.
Baby, sometimes you feel bad and the man is sad.
Don't hide your tears which are falling from me.
Put away everything what's annoying you everyday.
Cuddle up strong, cry, share your sadness.
I'm here, don't let me feel unnecessary.
I don't want to watch how something bullies you.
Sunny, stop this eternal chase for happieness.
Love is the life here, the death is lack of love.

Stop coming to me, I'm fed up!
Seriously, you can get out of my life.
Hey, you know it's over as you want. I'm not lying.
I don't want more, I don't give a shit anymore.
I'm sure that I want to forget.
It was fun but now I want to get rid of these memories,
stay alone for a while, feel like on a leash,
wait and see who can I count on?
That's true, when you're silent, my hands are wet of tears.
You sit, everything brings you down, you sink in sadness,
you look for recapture, you want it but it's hard.
Who can you count for? You know it well.
Somebody fucks up, the life hits me with an open hand.
There are a lot of them but they don't hear me screaming.
It was meant to be awesome but it's really better.
Sadness kills the cry, the cry is a cure for sadness.

Youe have to understand that the punishment waits for you.
I'll wait for you to miss, then I'll tell you "fuck off!"
We have nothing to talk about - sorry, I know it hurts
but you can go now if you've just stopped talking shit
in your direction, go ahead, keep your head up and with a luck
The good wit was a lame joke again.
It's too late, I don't feel anything.
You've got your chance, now you can think I'm a cock.
Everything's okay by the time, nothing more.
Your heart is from steel, your legs are like a jelly.
You feel like you're losing something associated with you.
I didn't wish you bad and I still wish you well.
You've got what you wanted.
Go in your direction, keep away from me.
You haven't regreted, don't cry 'cause it's stupid. (I'm sorry)
I see, but you know, I don't care.

Teledysk Tałi - Kocham i nienawidze po polsku