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Nigdy nas nie było (jakość Studia Pokój) po polsku



I do not understand, explain why you're so cool.
As I speak to you as you bounce off the bottom.
Well, say something, well I beg you say something ..

I wrote a few years ago texts for you
I did not have the courage to simply tell you
So I wrote a poem giving you one hundred percent of yourself
I was sure that the world is for us to go round will be
Today I say that millions of hits.
They understood all. Everyone on behind you.
Everyone, but not you like a moron.
I believed in us even when the whole world was this against.
I was next to you when you cried for him.
I wanted to give you everything you did not see it.
I was always, but never seriously
Do not you treated me want to be one of your dreams.
There is no us and never let us be.
Now I know how much I would not have wanted to know, and so never let us be.
It is certain that I will never have.
I have something I do not know that I'm talking about you.

(Verse in English)

If I could turn back time I would do it more.
I do not then I'd go with you on this first walk.
It would be different today without you next
Maybe someone would not dream of life with you.
If I could once again sort things out.
There was never a priority for you I would have made sure
It was not your scent in my love.
A quiet emptiness in the room empty sharing sorrow
Today, when I think of you when you're not there with me.
One wants to get out of my head as I leave it with each other.
I do not want to miss it makes no sense no longer listen.
We got to play in love forever whole life here.
Kiss hug her touch still take care of every day.
It was meant to be, after all, and so it would be good.
Today I stepped back to back I hear the same voice over and over.
That you and I do that as a yes ... and that's the end

I do not understand explain to me why I am so sad today?
Without you, nothing is as it should be, the heart is not beating as it should beat.

I do not understand explain to me why I am so sad today?
Without you, all without losing the rhythm and you feel that you do not want to live like that.

Teledysk Tałi - Nigdy nas nie było (jakość Studia Pokój) po polsku